Monday, 5 June 2017

The Monthly Happy List (May)

monthly happy list

Hola mi amigas!

Yet another month has flown by & it's now time for me & the rest of my southern hemisphere beauties to bunker down for the winter. (Except there won't be that much bunkering down since it doesn't get to absolutely freezing in most parts of Australia...except maybe Tasmania or somewhere like that.) For me, this is a time to re-charge the batteries (somewhat) & after the fairly busy month I've just had, I think re-charging is in top order! It's also a time to indulge in my love of cooking & baking, but that's another subject for another time.

Let's see what made me happy during the last month of the southern autumn:


gold coast skyline

*As mentioned previously, I went up to the Gold Coast for a short holiday & I really enjoyed my time up there. Like I said in the post I did about that trip (if you haven't read it, do so), it was really nice to get out of the rat race that is Sydney & I've certainly noticed a few things since getting back. I've previously said out aloud that I could never move away from Sydney, but this trip certainly changed my mind on that subject. Nothing will happen for the time being, but it has given myself & my parents some food for thought.

open road

strawberry margarita
Way too salt-rimmed, but the contents were delish.
*Speaking of the Goldie, the road trip I did with my Mum up there was fun too. Sitting in the passenger seat, sun on my skin (don't worry, I wore SPF), seeing all that open space, cranking up the tunes, eating what we wanted for lunch & dinner (e.g. Mexican food & strawberry margaritas for dinner at Lime Mexican in Coffs Harbour) without having to consider my Dad's fussy tastes in's simple things like that that I'll always remember. I'll also give a shout-out to the fish & chip shop near the water down on the main street of Port Macquarie, where we stopped for a late lunch on the way up & back. I can't remember its name, but it is in the process of being sold & it'd be a shame to lose it because the fried flathead was frickin' DE-LISH. *drools*

*I mentioned in the last Happy List that my brother was coming home for a short visit & well, he did. It was good to have the cheeky little shit back home (albeit briefly) & to chat with him about all sorts of interesting things, including stuff to do with this very blog & his own potential career switch. Whilst we aren't that close as siblings, it's nice when we do get to shoot the breeze in person.


may blogging likes

As per usual, it's time I showed a bit of blogger love by selecting some of my fave posts from the month of May for y'all to check out:

  • All you brow addicts need to check out Fashionista In Suburbia's post about Etude House's Tint My Brow Gel...and watch Barbe's hilarious video to go along with the post. It's certainly an interesting product, even if the results don't last.
  • Ash from The Beauty Collection talked tips & tricks for easy eyeshadow application. If you're eyeshadow challenged or have no idea what your eye shape is, then head on over & have a read. I know I have close-set eyes, but I've got no idea whether my lids are hooded or semi-hooded as I can see a little bit of my lid, but that's about it.
  • I know I tend to feature Un-fancy a lot in this section of my Monthly Happy List posts, but I really like Caroline's casual style sense. From May, I loved this particular outfit of hers as I've dressed exactly like this before (although my black tee isn't silk) + I also loved her post about getting out of your style comfort zone (plus her outfit in the post). The latter is something I've been thinking about a lot lately & it's something I'm keen to continue pushing this year & beyond.
  • Sarah from More Than Adored posted every single day last month & killed it too. Here's just a few of my fave posts from MTA during May: On Getting The Most Out Of Your Wardrobe, How To Have Fun With Your Workwear (& Be Comfy) & some tips for getting out of a style rut. I've been in a rut with my winter wardrobe for the past few years but now I'm making my way out of it, slowly but surely. I'm hoping to do a post about getting out of that rut ASAP; but in the meantime, head on over to MTA & check out the rest of Sarah's fashion posts from last month because they're all pretty good.
  • Di from Max The Unicorn confessed her beauty "sins" late last month & it was pretty darn hilarious. Whilst I can relate to some of it (I'm still a numpty when it comes to eyeshadow too), I have to admit I want to slap some sense into her for not using base coat with polish. *wags finger* (Sorry Di if you're reading this!)

*In other likeable news, did anybody watch the documentary Embrace on Lifestyle YOU last month? Seriously powerful stuff with a wonderful message about loving the skin you're in, regardless of your shape or size. I'm hoping to do a post about this very topic later in the year, but for now I'll just say that like most women, I too have struggled with my own body image but feel that I've got better with it as I've got older. I have to admit I shed a tear or 2 when Turia Pitt came on the screen - she's someone who I really admire & I think she's much more of an inspiration than some people who get that tag attached to them these days.


*I didn't discover anything worth mentioning in terms of new music last month; but I did randomly re-discover one of my favourite tunes of 2012 in Canadian singer Grimes' song Oblivion, thanks to Aussie TV show The Project featuring a couple of bars of it in a segment. For something that at first sounds like a total bop, once you discover the dark lyrical matter (based on a real-life, horrific sexual assault that the singer herself endured) the song takes on a whole new meaning, especially when you take into account the eerie, atmospheric instrumentation (I adore the closing bars of this - it's my favourite part of the song).
*Whilst road-tripping with my Mum (see Personal Happys section), we had fun air-drumming to the intro of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger (ok, I air-drummed, she grunted the guitar notes) & singing random bits of Talking Heads tunes (like Once In A Lifetime + Wild Wild Life) as we drove up the north coast of NSW into Queensland.

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Did you do anything exciting during May? Did anything make you particularly happy?


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    1. No worries Lubz - hope you get a chuckle out of Di's post too!


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