Friday, 7 July 2017

Empties Time! (June)

empty beauty products

Hola mi amigas & welcome to another round of Empties Time(!).

June for me wasn't too bad in the empties department. I managed to finish off something that I'd been dying to finish for a while + some usual suspects + I finished off a couple more candles, which is great since I'm trying to reduce my stash bit by bit. Although my empties amount is smaller than previous months, the finished candles take up too much space inside my empties box & I feel the need to empty the box before it gets overwhelming.

Let's check out what I finished up:

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Glasshouse Amalfi Coast large candle
Yay, another candle I've finished in The Great Candle-Burning Marathon of 2017. I didn't mind this one - it smells like the sea & it's a perfect scent for a beach-themed home. I don't have a beach-themed home, but it did make me dream of owning one whenever I burnt it. Is it my favourite Glasshouse candle though? No, there are other scents I prefer from them. Is it the worst Glasshouse candle I've ever burnt? No. Repurchase? Maybe, once I get through my stash.

Glasshouse x Peter Alexander Chocolate Brownie large candle
This limited edition candle came out for Easter this year, even though it has been in Glasshouse's regular range previously under the name Chicago. I remember that candle fondly; so when this came out I just had to pounce on it. Sadly, this was a bit of a letdown. It wasn't quite as delicious as I remembered it to be - it was too sweet & not quite as powerful in terms of scent throw (it was still pretty good though). I also had issues with the candle only burning in the centre at first, but I fixed that by removing the excess wax from the sides. Repurchase? No.

Deep Steep Passionfruit & Guava Body Butter
You might remember seeing this in one of my trip haul posts from last year. I wanted to hold onto it until the cooler months hit as it's fairly thick & having put it to the test, I can confirm that it kept my skin feeling pretty damn soft + the scent was fruity, tangy deliciousness. The only cons I can think of are that you really have to work it into the skin, otherwise it can leave white streaks on your limbs + Deep Steep isn't readily available in Oz (although we can purchase their products from iHerb). Repurchase? Maybe, if I saw it again.

Essano Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water
Love this stuff. I didn't name it one of my biggest beauty discoveries of 2016 for nothing! Repurchase? Sure will once the next Priceline skincare sale comes around, hopefully later this month.

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Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream
Staple moisturiser. Typical that I run out of this right before a (potential) sale! Repurchase? Defs, although I'm waiting on Trilogy to re-stock it both online & in store...I couldn't find it when I needed it. ūüė°

Botani Olive Hand Cream
You guys know how I feel about this hand cream because I've said it a zillion times before. Repurchase? I've got 1 more tube to go, then after that I won't be buying again....not unless Priceline decide to re-stock it.

Sensodyne Repair & Protect + Whitening & Oral-B Satin Tape
You see these all the time, nothing to report on here. Repurchase? Already have.

Compeed Blister Patches with Aloe Vera
I picked up a packet of these whilst in Berlin (or was it Amsterdam?) last year, in my frantic haste to stock up on these before I hit America later into my trip. I wasn't sure if America sold these but I did see Compeed on shelves over there, so I needn't have worried. Anyhoo, these are a bit different to the ones we get here as they contain aloe vera, so not only do they protect your blister, they actually moisturise them too. If I'm honest, they're not that different to the normal ones, so if you see them around, save ya $. Repurchase? I can't get them here, so no. If I saw them overseas again I might, if only for the slight novelty factor.

Carmex lip balm
Not much to say about this other than I've made it my staple lip balm again (taking over from the original Lanolips 101 Ointment, which seems to be disagreeing with my lips atm). I'm still enjoying it & it seems to help my lips. Repurchase? Certainly.

Andalou Naturals Instant Hydration 1000 Roses sheet mask
You might remember from the last empties that I wasn't fussed on the clay version of this & sadly, the sheet mask version didn't live up to expectations either. I found that this mask sat rather awkwardly on my face - the eye & mouth holes were too small for me, compared with the Karuna sheet masks I've used previously - and I also had serum dripping down my face & neck into my décolletage whilst the mask was on. Not fun. I also didn't find it that hydrating when sitting on my face but interestingly, I felt hydrated when using up the leftover serum in the days after. I'm now pinning my hopes on the brightening sheet mask I've yet to use from this brand - at least I know the clay version of that is brilliant. Repurchase? No.

Lariese Organic Australian Pink Clay mask
I wasn't a fan of this. First of all, pardon my ignorance but since when is pink clay red in hue? Secondly, although I don't mind mix-it-yourself masks, this was messy & stained a number of items on occasion. I've got a white face washer that still has coloured remnants from this mask on it! I also didn't like the way it dried down on my skin either....that & finding coloured remnants on a micellar-water soaked cotton pad that I used to cleanse my face the next morning. Repurchase? Fuck no.

I'm also throwing out one of my Sally Hansen 4-way buffers (pictured in top photo) because it's falling apart.

Products Finished In June (including candles): 12
Products Finished So Far This Year (including samples & candles): 70

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How many products did you finish during June? Does anything I've emptied tickle your fancy?


  1. Ooh good work Shell.
    I finished a few more things than I thought I did, which was a bonus!

    1. Thanks Nerida! It's always a bonus when you finish more stuff than you think you did. I thought I finished a few more things last month, but alas I kept to my average. :o)

  2. Great job, Shell! Wow you finished 2 candles, that's an achievement! xx

    1. Thanks Indie! I had 1 burning in my bedroom, the other one in another part of the house. I've been pretty determined to clear out my candle stash.

  3. I love reading everyone's empties posts. I have a bunch that I have finished myself!

    Lubz ||

    1. I like reading empties posts too! (And of course, posting them.) I don't know how some finish up so much but then again, my beauty stash is quite minimalist.


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