Monday, 17 July 2017

My Polish Picks For Winter

Right now Australia is well into winter & one of the few things I like about this season is being able to paint my nails without my polish going all funny like it does during the warmer months. (Well, that + everything else I mentioned here.) It's also a good time to play around with darker, richer shades that might look a bit stark in summer, depending on your viewpoint. I personally reckon that you should wear whatever shades you like all year round, but atm I'm playing around with the concept of tailoring my polish to the seasons (well, spring, summer & winter since we don't really have a traditional autumn).

Not sure about which shades are suitable for winter? Well, continuing reading mi amiga & you'll find out...

Jewel-toned metallics
Right now is the perfect time to bust out the jewel-toned metallic polishes. I'm talking your emeralds, your sapphires, rubies, amethysts...any gemstone you can think of, pop dat on your digits & shine bright like a diamond, as RiRi would say. I don't think undertones really matter here; but all of my picks are perfect for cool-toned skin. #justsayin

My picks (left-right): Zoya - Giovanna & Neve, Butter London - Knees Up

Berries, plum & wine
I know these colours are traditionally more autumnal, but since Australia doesn't really get that cold until, say, mid-late May (if at all), I prefer wearing them during winter. I find them rich & warming, the latter of which we all need once the temperatures drop. I've become a fan of the colour plum & whilst I'm still searching for the perfect shade of plum, I think I've got close with the OPI shade I'm about to mention below. (Except that it's not cruelty-free...bummer....)

My picks (clockwise from top left): Butter London - Queen Vic + Blowing Raspberries, Zoya - Tara, OPI - Kerry Blossom, Kester Black - Narcissist (not pictured)

Shades of grey
For some reason I'm really into the colour grey atm. I'm obsessed with finding the perfect grey marle coat & I'm almost as obsessed with finding the perfect grey polish for my nails. Luckily for me, I own 2 of them (I've only worn 1 of them on my nails - the Sea Siren Cosmetics polish I'm about to mention below - and it's perfect); but that won't stop me from accumulating more. IMO grey is a good neutral polish alternative to nude for us pale girls as we're not having to stand there wondering if it's a pink nude or a beige nude. Whether you're digging gunmetal, charcoal or light grey, pick a favourite & apply.

Navy & other dark blues
Just when you were thinking I wasn't going to include a blue polish in this post...tricked ya's mwahahahaha! IMO, navy is a perennial favourite for winter & also a perfectly wearable alternative to black. If navy's not your thing, then why not try a midnight blue, or even indigo? Whatever your shade, you can't go wrong.

My picks (left-right): Zoya - Ibiza + Ryan, Ella + Mila - Blindfold Me, Kester Black - Bleu (not pictured)

Note: All Butter London, Sea Siren Cosmetics & OPI images + Giovanna, Neve & Carey (Zoya) images are my own. Remaining images I must credit to Zoya, Ella + Mila & Kester Black. (Because it's the right thing to do.)

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What polish shades do you like to wear during winter? Do you tailor your polish to the seasons, or do you wear whatever you want to wear?


  1. I love dark coloured nail polish for Winter. I really like the look of grey tones, but they just don't suit me xx

    1. That's a bummer! I'm just discovering that I don't really suit icy shades - they bring out the red in my skin.

  2. Yeah I don't use OPI as I only use cruelty free things. You have to check out some of the indie polishes out there. I love Zoya, but the polishes indies come up with are just amazing :)
    Alinta x

    1. Oh I know the indies are amazing! I am more into indie brands these days than brands like OPI & Essie (I'm trying to clear them out of my stash for the most part, believe me) & have many indie polishes on my wishlist, but I don't think my wallet nor my polish storage could handle it if I went on a spree!

      Are there any particular indie brands that you'd recommend?

  3. You always choose the best shades Shell! I usually give my toes a break in Winter, but that Zoya Tara is calling me very loudly xxx

    1. Oh thank you Kats! I usually give my toes a break in winter, unless we have some unseasonably warm day. I've now added Tara to my ever-growing polish wishlist.


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