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My Travel Bucket List: 11 Destinations I'd Like To Visit

When it comes to travel, I consider myself pretty lucky. I've had the opportunity to visit some great (and, to be fair, not so great) places in my time & I do consider myself very fortunate for holding a passport. I'm of the opinion that travel is a great educator & that it opens you up to all sorts of opportunities & possibilities. Whilst living at the "arse end of the world" (as one of our former Prime Ministers so eloquently put it) isn't ideal for travel, it hasn't stopped me from getting out there & seeing planet Earth & the places it has to offer.

That said, there are still many destinations in the world that I haven't visited yet & would like to visit, hence today's post. Just a word of warning: this post will be largely idyllic & water-filled....because that's my jam. (Although you wouldn't expect anything less from this aquatic-obsessed blogger right?)

Cocoa Island, The Maldives. Via Wikimedia Commons
The Maldives
For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with wanting to go to this tiny island nation & I'd like to do it before climate change destroys its natural beauty altogether. I can totally picture myself staying at some luxe resort in an over water bungalow & going swimming & snorkelling in the crystal blue waters....or just simply relaxing & admiring the view. Only problem is I know that these stays are expensive AF, so it'll be one for the Lotto win.

Gabriel Island, Mauritius. Via Wikimedia Commons
Like The Maldives, I've been obsessed with going here too for as long as I can remember. I remember saying to my Mum about 10-15 years ago that if I were to get married, I'd do it somewhere tropical like Mauritius. Of course, neither the marriage nor the travel part have happened yet, but I'd still like to go. I know there's more to do there besides laze around a resort doing nothing, so it'd be nice to get out & see bits that you don't normally get to see. (Fun fact: I didn't realise there were more islands to Mauritius than just the main/large one with the capital Port Louis.)

The marina in Komiza, Vis, Croatia. Via Flickr
I think I've been influenced by my Mum on this & the next destination I'm going to mention, as she wants to go to Croatia too. With Croatia, there's history, food & some stunning coastline to contend with (if you don't believe me, see Styling You's latest posts about Croatia linked below) & for all those reasons I'd like to go there. Thanks to that aforementioned blogger, Split & Vis are now high up on my list (Vis in particular because of the famous blue & green caves).

Xatt is-Sajjieda Harbour, Marsaxlokk, Malta. Via Wikipedia Commons
Ever since some friends of my family (1 of whom is part-Maltese) raved about their trip to Malta pre-marriage & baby several years back, I've been curious to head to this Meditteranean nation. Like Croatia, there's history, food & stunning coastline to contend with & yet again, it's these reasons that make me want to go there. Aside from the capital Valletta, I'd like to go to Gozo & one other place in Malta, whose name escapes me right now (and no, it's neither the Azure Window, which has now collapsed sadly, nor the Blue Lagoon, which I'd also like to visit).

A carving from Sapporo's Snow & Ice Festival, Japan. Via Wikimedia Commons
I studied Japanese in high school & at the front of the classroom where my teacher often stood was her very own storeroom, whose door contained stickers of the various languages she spoke (French, German & Japanese). I remember looking at this particular poster of Japan's Mt Fuji in the spring-time, with sakura (cherry blossoms) in full bloom & remember thinking that I'd like to go to Japan during the northern spring as it looked really pretty. If I can't go then, I'd love to go in February to the Sapporo Snow & Ice Festival (see above) as the ice & snow carvings they have on display every year look amazing.

via Wikimedia Commons
Auckland, New Zealand
Full disclosure: I have been to Auckland before, on a cruise I did just over 3 years ago. However, I only spent a handful of hours there & those hours were spent with a girl I used to know, who did nothing but bitch/whine/complain about Auckland in general (& other stuff) the entire time I was there. I think it's fair to say I didn't really get a feel for the city during that visit. The reasons why I want to go back are I'd like to check out Waiheke Island (it looks pretty) + fufill a recent dream of mine to do the SkyJump off Auckland's Sky Tower. I'm far from being a daredevil; but the jump looks like nerve-racking fun, so naturally I'd like to test my limits & do it!

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy. Via Flickr
Another humblebrag: I've also been to Italy before, albeit on a bus tour 11 years ago. Whilst I got to see the notable cities of Venice, Rome & Florence, I didn't get to explore the southern part, nor did I get to go to Pisa & join all the other tourists in taking that photo (you know what I mean!), nor did I get to go to Verona or Milan or all the other fabulous places in Italy. Although my parents have told me that the Amalfi Coast is completely overrated, it still won't stop me from wanting to go there. Even Sicily sounds kinda cool.

Old Fortress, Corfu, Greece. Via Wikimedia Commons

Crete, Greece. Via Wikimedia Commons
Corfu & Crete, Greece
Yeah I know Corfu is another overrated Greek Island full to the brim with tourists (supposedly), but just like the Amalfi Coast, that ain't stopping me from wanting to go there. It couldn't be any worse than Santorini (which I have been to, along with Mykonos), which I definitely thought was overrated. I'd also like to go to Crete too since I studied it in ancient history class in high school, so to (potentially) see some Minoan ruins up close would be cool.

Lagoa do Fogo, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal. Via Wikimedia Commons
The Azores, Portugal
This archipelago off the coast of Portugal has been getting a bit of attention in the travel world of late & it's not hard to see why. Full of breathtaking scenery, quaint villages & sights to behold, these islands are one place I'd love to tick off the bucket list. My parents have been to Ponta Delgada (one of the major towns in the Azores, on the island of São Miguel) before & have told me it's gorgeous, so I'd like to go & see it for myself.

Cable Beach at sunset, Broome, Western Australia. Via Wikimedia Common
Broome, Western Australia
2 words: Cable Beach. I'll pass on the camel ride though. Been there, done that (whilst up at Uluru), never again!

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What destinations are on YOUR bucket list? Would you like to go to any of the places mentioned here?


  1. I would love to go to Greece, New Zealand and Japan. There's plenty of places I would like to explore here in Oz, too

    1. I still haven't seen all of our glorious country either!


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