Monday, 3 July 2017

The Monthly Happy List (June)

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OMG it's July already?! Where the hell has 2017 gone? I can't believe it's less than 2 months until my birthday & that next month will mark 1 year since I embarked on my big trip. Crazy! With the chilly weather Sydney has been experiencing recently, I'm wishing I could do it all again this year, but alas, that won't happen unless a big ol' lottery win comes my way soon.....

June for me was a bit of a nothing month, as in nothing really special happened (ok, something a little special did'll read about that below). I was a bit up & down both physically & emotionally & had to roll with the punches, but I guess that's life for you. I'm hoping to get back on track with my blogging schedule this month, but I'm not going to make any promises for now.

Despite all of this, I have found a few nuggets of precious gold to present to you for Hump Month:


*Being able to gift my Mum my old JENNi's from FRANKiE4. Turns out she fits better into my size 10 black reptile pair than I do, so I'm glad they've now gone to a better home.
*I GOT A TICKET TO LORDE WOOT WOOT! So excited to be going to one of her Sydney concerts in November. I've never seen her live, so I'm dead keen to see one of my favourite artists of recent years in the flesh. Have been loving her latest album Melodrama & who knows, maybe I'll tell you why soon on TNL.
*I accomplished a little bit of DIY during June by making my very own light reflector. I got the tutorial from Makeup Savvy ages ago but only got around to making it last week. I have to say it turned out pretty well, despite hassles with removing the ring binder & using a truckload of sticky-tape to hold down the alfoil. I put it to good use with a couple of photos yesterday & it works, but I'll have to muck around with it a bit more to get the best light...either that or change my light source...
*A couple of Fridays ago my Mum & I went to the Good Food & Wine Show & had a better day out than expected. For some reason we poo-pooed the event beforehand - I think because I'd seen way too many wine providers on the exhibitor list (yeah I know it's also a wine show, but that wasn't the main reason for our attendance) - but in the end we found enough to tickle our fancy. If you want to read all about the day, then see my related post.


June blogging likes stock photo

As per usual, I'm going to give some shoutouts to my favourite posts from other bloggers during the month of June. I'm giving out a fair few shoutouts this month, so settle in:

  • Rebecca of From Roses fame spoke about staying true to yourself in the blogging world when you feel like you no longer fit in & everything she said in that post are things I think all bloggers can relate or have related to from time to time. Often I've questioned whether or not my posts & photos are decent & readable, whether or not my blog actually looks good, whether I should drop one of my areas of interest (namely music), whether I use waaaaaay too many brackets & get the picture. The self-questioning occasionally drives me to the point of insanity & can be un-healthy; but on the other hand I think it is ok to have questions for yourself, as long as it doesn't render you motionless. That said, it is important to remain true to yourself & carve your space (i.e. your blog) in the way that you see fit - eventually you'll find your "tribe".
  • Ebony from The Black & White Guide talked about how to pick yourself back up again & as someone who's prone to stressing herself out over stuff, this post was a timely reminder that I'm not the only one who flails before getting back up again.
  • Tenneil from Like Neon Love shared her favourite coming-of-age films late last month & it was a pretty good list I have to say. It reminded me of movies I'd seen but long forgotten (like Now & Then) & of others that I enjoyed & still enjoy today (like Easy A). It also reminded me that I really ought to see Heathers!
  • Nikki from Styling You's post about her recent trip to the Amalfi Coast gave me serious travel envy! All that sunshine, blue skies, Mediterranean waters....gimme gimme gimme! No doubt I'll be mentioning her again in the July Happy List as her recent post about Split in Croatia has me wanting to go there right now...
  • Maria from So Nailicious talked about why you ought to swatch your entire nail polish collection on nail tips & that post confirmed for me why I do this with my own (relatively small, but still sizeable) stash. If you've got more than, say, 50 polishes, then get yourself some nail tips & do this. It'll save you in the long run!
  • Another regular in this Likes lists of mine is The Sunday Mode & during June Julia killed it again with 2 posts I dug: Opening Up Your World & Finding Your Voice On & Offline.
  • Yet another regular in these Likes lists (Vix Meldrew) delivered the goods yet again with a post about all the things that will give you good feels whilst dating, a number of which are on my list as well. I'm glad she mentioned dance moves in her post because I'm an absolute sucker for a man who can dance. Whilst these men aren't unicorns, they are a bit of a rarity - take it from me, as someone who salsa danced for close to 6 years & saw the brilliant (the rares I speak of), the not-too-shabby (the majority) & the truly-terrible-but-I-give-you-utter-props-for-giving-it-a-go (not too many, but there were a couple of memorable ones).


*Unlike May, June was a pretty big month for new music for me (and even older music too), starting off with Aussie boys Peking Duk & their collab with Aluna Francis from UK outfit alunageorge, Fake Magic. Whilst I haven't quite got into the verses yet, that funky chorus makes this tune a bop.
*I mentioned Lorde earlier in this Happy List & now I'd like to mention a couple of Melodrama album tracks I'm digging: Homemade Dynamite & Writer In The Dark (the latter gives me Kate Bush vibes a-plenty in the chorus).
*Other new music I dug during June was Let Me Down Easy from Aussie band Gang of Youths + surprisingly, Miley Cyrus' newie Malibu. The former is kinda dark-ish in sound, but the latter is so sunny & upbeat & cute.
*In terms of older stuff, I fell back in love with French outfit Yelle's L'Amour Parfait (the beat...ugh, so good!) & The Internet feat Vic Mensa's utterly sensual tune Go With It (man that song is THE SEX!). I also made a random re-discovery of this late 90's rave-y tune + re-discovered Silverchair's head-banging classic, Freak.

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What made you happy during June? What blog posts did you enjoy reading? Did you discover any new music, or classics you once loved?


  1. I love this kind of post, it's all kind of happy. I really like Miley Cyrus' song Malibu as well which surprised me! Just read that post about staying true to yourself in the blogging world and it was definitely what I needed, that's for that!
    This month I've been listening to Holy Holy's new album and it's amazing! And blog-wise I always love Vix Meldrew, she's my fave. :)
    Holly x

    1. Thanks Holly! That's the aim of it - providing a little sunshine for everyone, including myself. :o) I'm completely surprised by my liking for Malibu too! I might have to check out Holy Holy a bit further, I think I liked one of their songs a while ago but can't remember it. Yep, Vix is a firm fave of mine too - she almost always gets a shout-out in my Likes list because her posts are honest & too damn funny!

  2. Ok, please tell me its safe to admit it here, but I've been listening to some old Hanson songs. They remind me of a time back in the day of staying with my sister having a fabulous time after a tumultuous break up. I love when a song can take you to a happy place in time. Great post, Shell xx

    1. It's completely safe to admit it here! No shame or judgement should be felt. (Although just quietly, I was never a Hanson fan.) I too love it when songs take you back to happy moments in your life & there's plenty of them that do that for me, like for example Sia's song "Cheap Thrills". It'll forever remind me of being in London last year as there was this busker who used to play it on Caribbean drums near a local Tube station at least once a day. There's other songs that have soundtracked my travels, for better or for worse.

  3. That picture of you leaping just makes me smile and makes me want to jump up high too. Great photo :-)

    1. Hate to say it but it's not me - it's a stock photo I use for this particular post. Maybe one of these days I'll change it to something more personal.


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