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The Shopping Cart (June/July)

The Shopping Cart quote

It's that time of the month not that one...the one where I round up all my purchases for your voyeuristic pleasure & tell you about each & every one of them.

As always, any sales or links mentioned in this post are correct at the time of publishing. If for any reason the sales are no longer happening or the links are broken by the time you read this post, then I can not & will not be held responsible.

Compared with May's madness, both June & July were very quiet on the purchasing front. I guess the end of the financial year might've had something to do with it. However, I am gearing up for a spendy August & September as one of those months is my birthday month & I've got my eye on waaaay too many things!

But enough chit chat, let's get into it:


The Ordinary, skincare, argan oil

The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Argan Oil
I'd been eyeing off this baby for a few weeks before necessity came into play. My usual Trilogy moisturiser was out of stock just about everywhere I looked (to the point where I emailed Trilogy to ask whether it had been hasn't *phew*), so in the end I had to grab this otherwise my skin was going to die from a lack of moisture during this chilly winter we've had so far. Few things you oughta know: this does have a bit of a funky smell (it disappears once you apply it), you don't need very much because it is fairly thick & I like this more than jojoba & rosehip oils combined.


Portmans, fashion, knitwear

Portmans, fashion, knitwear

Portmans Raised Dot Knit (Racing Red)
You've already seen me rock the grey version in the April edition, now here's the red one (which isn't available online sadly, but is still available in peach blush, albeit in limited sizes) - as I've mentioned previously, red is an on-trend colour atm & one that suits me thankfully, so of course I had to have this - that said I did um & ah over it a lot prior to purchase - the raised dots don't stand out as much in this version, as opposed to the grey...I'm more focused on the colour than the detailing

FRANKiE4, GEMMA, ankle boots, footwear, fashion, shoes

FRANKiE4 GEMMA Black ankle boots (Size 11)
You saw them in last Wednesday's post, now here's another closer look - I've wanted a pair of black ankle boots with a heel for some time now & I'm so happy to cross these off the fashion bucket list - I'm considering these as both an investment piece & an investment for my around $300AUD they ought to be! - love the design & the contrasting panel at the back - mine are a bit crinkled from wear - the major problem I have with these is they need even more cushioning around the forefront (the balls of my feet ache whenever I wear these) - I also have another (smaller) problem with the fit since I'm not a true size 11 in these, but despite the setbacks I am completely determined to get my money's worth out of them 

scarves, accessories

I also bought a random black scarf with silver foil dots from a place called Kish down in Bowral. You might recall that I bought a rose gold cuff from them last year (see this post for piccys) and I'm pleased to note that they still have that same cuff in stock. If you're ever down that way, go & check them out as they have some lovely jewellery & other assorted pieces.


Lincraft lint trimmer
I bought this on a bit of a whim, after seeing Caroline from Un-Fancy talk about how she uses one to remove pills from her knitwear. I have to admit I wasn't really sure if this $6 device would work, but I figured if it didn't then I hadn't outlayed too much dosh. Since purchasing, I've put it to test on both of my Portmans tunics + my black Guess jeans (both seen in the May edition) & I'm happy to say that it does work well. Sure, it takes a while because the device is so small & you do have to regularly turn it off & clean it out, but it works people! My jeans look the cleanest that they've been since I purchased them - and believe me, they're prone to getting crap all over them. My tunics will need regular maintenance, but I'm ok with that.

Graeme Simsion - The Rosie Effect
Something I've been getting back into with relish this winter is reading & having just re-read The Rosie Project recently (along with almost every other book I own), it reminded me that I still hadn't read the follow-up. Problem solved with this purchase. The Rosie Effect begins "10 months and 10 days" into Don & Rosie's marriage, where things are going smoothly until Rosie springs a surprise on Don: she's pregnant. Cue Don exercising various methods to get his head around this change in their relationship dynamic, all of which end in either disaster or great insight. If you read the original & enjoyed it, then you'll enjoy this too, although I have to say that Rosie in this book seems to be more of a bit player than a main character.

Lorde - Melodrama
I mentioned in last month's Happy List that I was loving this album & that love has continued into July. I was a huge fan of Lorde's debut Pure Heroine & this follow-up (which is definitely befitting of its title, both lyrically & melodically) has cemented my fandom. I might even go as far as to say that Melodrama is better than Pure Heroine! It has certainly been worth the 4-year wait & I'm glad it's getting all the praise. My personal fave tracks are Homemade Dynamite, Hard Feelings + Writer In The Dark, all of which I'm hoping to hear her perform live when she tours here in November.

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Did you spend up big at the EOFY sales, or did you save your pennies?


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