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The Monthly Happy List (July)

Hola mi amigas & happy Fri-YAY!

So another month is done & dusted & we Aussies are hurtling towards the end of winter, which I for one am rather happy about. I've mentioned before how winter isn't my fave time of year (even though I've found some good things to say about it too), but this year its felt a bit rougher than usual. Maybe that's due to me being sick several times in the last few months (including last month) or maybe I've just felt the cold a bit more than normal; but whatever it is, right now I'm like "roll on spring"!

Personal feelings about winter aside, let's focus on July & see what made me happy last month:


*A couple of weeks ago, me & my folks trotted off to Sydney's iconic Opera House for a gig of a very different kind - we saw UK comedian Russell Howard on his Round the World tour & yet again he didn't disappoint. We'd seen him live before on his previous tour back in 2014 (I almost died laughing that night....literally....I forgot to breathe at one point due to laughing so damn hard), so we knew what we were in for: a night jam packed with LOL's. If you haven't heard of him before, please YouTube him or, if you have Foxtel, try & watch a repeat of his old show Russell Howard's Good News. Or hang out for the Netflix special he's about to film. He's fucking hilarious, as were his support acts - Aussie guy Harley Breen (who Sydneysiders & Melbournians will know from breakfast radio, or the constant ads for that breakfast show) & Welsh comedian Steve Williams.



Before I get into telling you what blog posts I loved from July, just wanted to quickly ask if anyone saw the Pixiwoo documentary about all the Hollywood starlets & their makeup looks? It was on Lifestyle You around the end of July & I quite enjoyed watching it. It featured stories about the starlets themselves (for e.g. Jean Harlow, Elizabeth Taylor, Josephine Baker, Rita Hayworth & my all-time fave Audrey Hepburn were all featured), with Sam & Nic Chapman (aka the Pixiwoo sisters & the gals behind Real Techniques) re-creating their most famous makeup looks on models. I particularly quite liked Rita Hayworth's look as it's my go-to makeup look - simple, but with a bright lip.

Now it's time I spread a lil' blogger love & share with you my favourite blog posts from around the WWW in July. You might want to grab a cuppa here because (a) I get a bit ranty & (b) I'm spreading a lot of love this time:

*Nikki from Styling You's travel posts about Croatia were to die for. It's not on my travel bucket list for nothin'!

*Sarah from More Than Adored talked about how she feels she doesn't fit into the fashion blogging scene & it piqued my interest because it's a topic that I get rather fired up about, especially when it comes to the so-called "rules" surrounding fashion. I'm so over these stupid rules like, for example, you can only wear an item once, or "no you can't wear/buy that because I wore it first on Instagram". It's petty shit like this that forces people (mostly teenagers) to part with their hard-earned, only to see the item languishing at the back of their wardrobe because they're too scared to be seen wearing it again because it's not "new" anymore, or it stops people from buying items that they like because they're too afraid of being seen wearing the same item as someone else. To all of that I say "FUCK IT". Wear that dress more than once. Give zero fucks if you see another girl or guy wearing the same tee or whatever as you are. It's happened to me several times before & I haven't died or cringed as a result - I just figure that person has the same impeccable taste as I do. 😉  (Sorry for the rant. I know I'm meant to be keeping things light & bright here, but this particular topic gets my hackles up!)

*The Hand Luggage Only boys explained why we don't need to "go off the beaten track" when we travel & I for one applauded it. Although I might've slightly shamed myself at least once for being a typical tourist (like that time in Amsterdam where I cbf walking around the city when I arrived, so did a hop-on-hop-off bus & canal boat tour instead), I do see a lot of merit in doing touristy things, especially if you've never been to a place before & need to get your bearings (especially after an overnight long-haul flight) or don't have a lot of time there. There's no harm in being practical & treading along well-worn paths I reckon!

*A number of my fave bloggers celebrated blogiversaries this month, but I'm gonna give a specific shoutout to Lubna from Lubzsays because her first blogiversary post was full of reality + some really good tips for budding bloggers.....and because I like to big-up my fellow Aussie gals. 😊

*Rebecca from From Roses had 2 posts that really caught my eye this month: Why No One Is That Great At Adulting *points to self* + Being Mindful of Consumerism When You're A Blogger.

*Paula from Thirteen Thoughts talked about the 4 mental habits that steal happiness & I'll admit I've been guilty of all 4 many times before, sometimes several at once. Working on yourself is never easy, but the rewards are sweet when you nail it.

*Nikita from Jasmine Loves (who I've just started following recently) spoke about why being a small blogger is amazing & I could relate to it since I too am a small blogger (obviously). I agree with her on the point she made about having the freedom to talk about what you want whenever you want as a small blogger. Right from the very start of this blog, I've never wanted to write myself into a niche - in fact, one of my biggest blogging mantras is "fuck the niche" - and I find it disconcerting whenever I've read blogging advice that says you must write within a niche. We humans aren't one-dimensional & its never made sense to me to just write about 1 particular subject. Although I love beauty & writing about it, I also like to write about other things too (like fashion, lifestyle, travel & music) & whilst I know those posts aren't always as popular as the beauty stuff, I still enjoy sharing those sides of me on TNL. My blog, my rules I reckon. (Again, sorry for the rant - it's another thing that riles me up & gets me all defiant!)


*Not much in the way of new music made its way into my world last month, although I did re-discover some gems from Swedish singer Robyn's 2006 self-titled album: the amusing Konichiwa Bitches (see above) & Bum Like You.

*Also on the re-discovery tip: Canadian band Metric's tune Youth Without Youth from several years ago. It got stuck in my head towards the end of July & I just had to listen again. (On another note: am I the only person who gets random songs in their head that they haven't heard in ages?)

*In the sad wake of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington's apparent suicide, I went back to my teenage nu-metal roots & re-discovered a couple of their old songs, namely Crawling (the chorus of which I couldn't get out of my head for a good week after I found out he'd gone) & In The End. Although I haven't been an LP fan since their 2nd album, I confess their songs spoke to my troubled adolescent soul & hearing these 2 in particular took me back....and even shook me up a little.

*I guess the only new-ish songs that I got into was yet another Calvin Harris collab, this one the Pharrell/Calvin's ex's sworn enemy/Big Sean tune Feels, Charlie Puth's actually-kinda-cool tune Attention & Mind Off from Aussie duo Cosmo's Midnight (featuring Kudu Blue), which I only discovered about a week ago.

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What made you happy last month? What blog posts did you dig? What tunes did you discover or re-discover?

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