Friday, 27 October 2017

3 Ways To Rock A Denim Jacket In Spring

In case you missed it, the 90's are back baby! From chokers to "mom jeans", just about everything that was fashionable when I was growing up is now in vogue again...including what I'm about to show you today.

I'm not quite sure if denim jackets ever really disappeared from the fashionsphere but if they did, then I guess they just had a hiatus of sorts. I can remember rocking one circa 2001, around the time my friends threw me a surprise 17th birthday party (albeit one week after my birthday, but that's what I get for being born on or around Australian Father's Day), so they might have gone out of style in 2002 lol....

Regardless, once this trend reared its head again I wanted back in, especially once I saw all these gorgeous light denim jackets floating around that were nothing like the mid-dark wash I sported back in my teens. I feel like a denim jacket is perfect for when a blazer feels too formal, a coat isn't weather-appropriate (i.e. it's too warm out, yet the mornings are on the crisp side) & a leather jacket feels too badass, too...intense for the outfit you're wearing.

If you're not entirely sure how to wear one or what to pair it with, here's 3 different looks you can rock during Spring (or even early Autumn):

LOOK #1: The Classic Combo - Jeans, Tee & Sneakers
I wore this combination so damn much in Autumn this year & I'll continue to rock it during Spring too. Then again, given that I am a fan of classic dressing, this shouldn't really be a surprise. 😉  With this look I've tried to avoid going full Canadian tuxedo by sporting either a mid-wash, black or even white jean on the bottom. I've worn all 3 & the combination works so well; although I argue that you should invest in white jeans anyway because you can/should wear them all year round, regardless of the season.

Miss Shop blue denim jacket (size 8) // Big W Emerson Scoop Tee in Blue Stripe (old) // Just Jeans skinny jeans (old) // FRANKiE4 JENNi Tin Gold sneakers (old)

LOOK #2: The Casual Combo - Tank Top + Maxi Skirt + Sandals (or Thongs/Flip-Flops/Jandals) + Hat
I made this random (well, random to me) fashion discovery when trying to decide what to wear over this particular tank & maxi skirt one morning back in early Autumn. I knew it'd be warmer later on, but the morning had a bit of a chill to it. Would a short grey cardigan suffice? It didn't really go with the black tank I had on. My leather jacket was also out of the equation for similar suitability purposes, so I thought I'd go with this denim jacket of mine & immediately it felt right. Although that exact combination isn't shown in the photo below, I have worn this exact combo recently, except I swapped the sandals for thongs because comfort.

Miss Shop blue denim jacket (as above) // Uniqlo grey tank (old, similar, available in other colours) // Forever New watermelon maxi skirt (old) // Sandler Duo black sandals (old) // Carolina Panama Sombrero hat (I'm wearing a Medium/5)

LOOK #3: The Date Night Combo - Dress + Heels
When I was trying to think of looks for this post, this was the last one that came to mind....and it also the trickiest to configure. I'm still not entirely sold on this particular look, but I know it works as I've seen it on others. If you're wearing a patterned dress like mine, I'd suggest you pick a colour from that pattern & match it to your shoes....unlike myself, who decided to wear/buy neutral shoes instead of black, which might've matched more with the pattern of this dress.

Miss Shop blue denim jacket (as above) // Decjuba Cebu Maxi Dress in Leopard Print (old) // FRANKiE4 NiKKi Latte heels (size 10, very limited sizes left, available in other colours) // Forever New Pippa rose gold hoop earrings (old, similar in gold) // Airflex Naples Rose Gold Clutch (old)

Want another option? Here's a few dupes that are just as affordable as my jacket:

1. Lily Loves Oversized Denim Jacket
2. Target Denim Jacket
3. Katies Denim Jacket with Stitch Detail
4. Boohoo Cindy Light Wash Denim Jacket
5. Vero Moda Denim Jacket

This post was updated 9/3/18.

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Do you own a denim jacket of any kind? What do you like to pair yours with?


  1. I especially like Look 3. I don't have a denim jacket, probably because I find wearing layers uncomfortable. You are rocking the denim jacket look though! x

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. I'm not one for layering either, but I'm a freezer at the best of times so having a jacket on hand during this time of year is essential. Thank you for the compliments!

  2. I've never worn a denim jacket with a maxi skirt, but that actually looks so cute. I'm going to morocco in the holidays and that's definitely a combo I'm packing!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Thanks Aleeha! It was a look I hadn't rocked up until this year, but somehow it works.

  3. I am still a newcomer to my denim jacket and tend to wear it with dresses mostly but I do wish I could fast track to the comfortable worn in stage. I tried soaking it in vinegar but it just made it smell vinegary.

    1. My denim jacket's got a fair amount of stretch to it, so it was comfortable from the get go. I've never heard of soaking a jacket in vinegar, but I'll definitely avoid doing it now that I've heard your story!


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