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The Shopping Cart (August/September)

It's that time of the month again....no not that one...the one where I round up all my purchases for your voyeuristic pleasure & tell you about each & every one of them.

As always, any sales or links mentioned in this post are correct at the time of publishing. If for any reason the sales are no longer happening or the links are broken by the time you read this post, then I can not & will not be held responsible.

Just a warning before we start: this Shopping Cart post is going to be pretty epic. As September was my birthday month, I did get quite spendy both in the lead-up & afterwards. I was thinking of doing a separate birthday haul post but in the end it didn't make sense for me to do so, especially since I was waiting on orders to arrive & also still deciding how to spend my dosh. I haven't blown it all yet as I'm holding out for a very special event this week, which I'll mention at the end of this post.

Grab a cuppa & settle in!


Priceline skincare sale haul: Essano, Lanolips, Carmex, Uriage & Trilogy

Everything I hauled from the Priceline skincare sale....
....which you can also view right here. 

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara + Lovisa stud earrings x5

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara (Black)
Throw out one, replace it with another. I still love this mascara, but I have to admit I am on the hunt for another good cruelty-free alternative as this gets a bit smudgy on me. Anyone got a good suggestion? I've been thinking about trying EOH's Bio Lash Lift mascara as well as Poni Cosmetics' The White Knight mascara, so they're next on the list to try.

A whole bunch of Lovisa stud earrings
Because they were 5 for $10 at the time & I couldn't resist a bargain. Besides, some of my older costume stud earrings have begun to look rather tatty.

Lovisa stud earrings, as worn by TNL
Yours truly wearing the pair from top right of previous photo.

Birthday haulage: Napali Chic candles, Pixi Glow Mud Mask, La Mav Hydrating Mist, Kester Black nail polishes + The Jojoba Company samples

Napali Chic small candles (Raspberry Sorbet & Vanilla + Pink Grapefruit & Strawberry)
I bought these from the new-ish Green Organics store in Rozelle on my bir'day & whilst it wasn't my intention to buy candles, I couldn't resist these scents. I love how brightly coloured their boxes are & as someone who loves bright colours, this was a big selling point. From what I can tell, Napali are a relatively new Sydney-based candle company on the market; but I tell you what, if they keep producing fantastic scents like these, I'll be coming back for more. Their candles are made from soy & coconut wax, so if you're into the whole non-toxic candle thing then check these guys out. Napali also have a Beach range of candles, all of which also smell absolutely divine (so much so that I went & bought 2 a couple of weekends ago - see below). I'm unsure if they have stockists outside of Sydney, but head on over to their Facebook or Instagram pages & you might be able to find out. If you're not a candle fan, I've seen that they're bringing out diffusers in time for Christmas, so that's something to look forward to.

Pixi Glow Mud Mask
I've had my eye on this baby for so damn long & almost bought it in America, but for some reason didn't. As soon as I discovered David Jones were now stocking Pixi, I had to go & have a browse/play/test of some stuff & fell for this baby. I've used it a few times just on my T-zone, but I can't say whether or not it's doing any good. It smells like Trilogy's Mineral Radiance Mask, but without the irritation that that particular mask gave me.

La Mav Rose Hydrating Mist
I've missed this baby whilst trying a whole bunch of other facial mists. It's nice & wet & my skin doesn't absorb it quite as quickly as other mists that I have tried, which is great when your skin is as dehydrated as mine can get. The only problem with my new bottle is it's not coming out as a fine mist, which is a bit annoying but I'll put up with it.

Kester Black polishes (Rouge, Bleu, Monarch, Sorbet & Terrarium)
Despite my love of buying, collecting & hoarding polishes, this birthday time around I went easy on that front & only added to my stash by 5. I know, it's a miracle right?! Besides, I wanted other things instead + I've still got polishes I bought last year waiting in my polish tower to be swatched & tried out - there's only so much un-opened polish I can handle! Anyway, all you need to know about these polishes is they swatch beautifully (Rouge in particular is practically a OCW - One Coat Wonder - but I always do 2 just in case) & each colour is gorgeous, although I'm still a bit iffy on Rouge. I wore it 2 weeks ago, but still can't decide whether or not it looks wrong on my skin tone. I think it leans more warm/neutral than cool tbh, but either way I like it & it's staying in my stash.

Kester Black - Rouge, as swatched by TNL
Me wearing Kester Black's Rouge.
I also received samples of The Jojoba Company's Absolute Serum + Ultimate Youth Potion whilst browsing in a chemist down at Barangaroo in Sydney. Nice!

Alpha-H - Absoluté Eye Complex, Andalou Naturals Instant Luminous - Turmeric & Gold Clay Mask x3, Aspect Extreme B17 Serum
Aspect Extreme B17 serum + Alpha-H Absoluté Eye Complex
As soon as I could create a birthday spending wishlist, these 2 were right at the top of my list. I've raved about both of these products before - even reviewed one of them - & I've missed having them in my stash (why must their price points be so prohibitive?), so to have them back again is wonderful. I haven't started using them yet as I'm desperately trying to finish my other eye gel + use up a couple of serums, but I can't wait to get stuck into these again.

Andalou Naturals Instant Luminous Turmeric & Gold Clay Mask (single serve) x3
Out of all the AN masks I've tried, this is my #1. It does what it says on the tin - makes me look instantly luminous - plus it smells pretty good too. Luckily I've found a stockist in Sydney that has these, so couldn't resist a quick visit to pick up a few. I will note that they're not really single serve - I managed to get about 5-6 uses out of the first one I bought, but YMMV.

Stem Organics skincare samples

I also purchased some free samples from Aussie skin care brand Stem Organics. I've heard about them through another Aussie blogger & thought they were worth checking out. I've just finished using the Hydrating Face Fluid + Balancing Face Fluid & I did like them, provided I remembered to use a serum/my hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary beforehand. I forgot to use it one night & my skin became rather hot & red post-application. Not entirely sure why, but I'll pin the blame on the kakadu plum (a natural form of Vitamin C) in both. That said, neither impressed me enough to warrant purchasing the full size, which is pricey for the amount you get (although they have had a sale recently). I've also used the Antioxidant Toning Infusion & will share my thoughts on it in the next empties post.

Napali Beach small candles (Ibiza Fresh Watermelon & Cucumber + Miami Pineapple & Jasmine)
Napali Beach small candles: Ibiza Fresh Watermelon & Cucumber + Miami Pineapple & JasmineAs mentioned above, I stumbled across this new candle company whilst browsing in Green Organics & fell in love with their range, especially the entire Beach range of candles. The only thing that stopped me from purchasing there & then was the price, but luckily for me I've found them cheaper elsewhere & couldn't resist picking up these babies a couple of weekends ago. I adore the Ibiza Fresh Watermelon & Cucumber scent & Miami Pineapple & Jasmine smells so bloody good that I forget the fact that it contains one of my most hated scents (jasmine that is). I also can't wait to start burning them & I just know I'm going to be back for more. Just a note: Napali's full-sized candles are on par price wise with Glasshouse, so there's something to compare them to.

Oral-B Pro 3000 electric toothbrush (not pictured)
YAY I finally have one of these babies! I was tossing up between this or the Genius 8000 (which was on special at the time of purchase), but I decided the travel case & smartphone holder that come with the Genius 8000 would barely be used (if ever) & it wasn't worth me splashing extra coin on it. Anyway, this works perfectly fine, despite some cruddy reviews on Product Review. I haven't had any problems with it so far - in fact, I've noticed my teeth are a lot cleaner & also a bit whiter now that I've stopped using a manual toothbrush.


Lorna Jane Frankie Active Grey Tee + Pipeline Core Full Length Tights Black + Zig Zag Sports Bra

Lorna Jane Frankie Active Grey Tee + Pipeline Core Full Length Tight Black + Zig Zag Sports Bra

Lorna Jane Keeping It Real Tank + Mantra Aqua Sports Bra + Boost Core Stability 3/4 Tights

Lorna Jane Keeping It Real Tank + Mantra Aqua Sports Bra (as shown from back) + Boost Core Stability 3/4 Tight

Lorna Jane stuff: Pipeline Core Full Length Tight Black (size M), Frankie Active Tee Grey (size S), Zigzag Sports Bra (size XS, worn underneath in top 2 shots) Keeping It Real Tank (size XS), Boost Stability Core 3/4 Tight (size M) & Mantra Sports Bra (size XS, worn underneath in 4th shot)
You know how I mentioned earlier in the year (and more recently) that I was looking to get fitter & be more active? Well, with these purchases I now have no excuse not to, otherwise blowing a large chunk of caaaaaaaaash moneeeeeeeey on activewear will be a waste. Must give kudos to the girls at LJ's World Square store for hooking this girl up with pieces, although I did choose most of them myself (they chose the 3/4 tights, I chose everything else). I know LJ stuff is exxy & people view them as some kind of sizeist cult, but they do have a good rep for fabrics & I'd rather spend more & get something that'll last over something that won't.

That being said I should've gone down 1 size in the tee as it's a bit big on me, but I can't return it now since it has been worn (I did swap the tank for size XS though) + I also have some criticisms regarding the tights. According to LJ's size chart, I should fit into a size S perfectly; however I found it a bit difficult to get into that size in the Core range of tights (hence why I went up to M - they're easier to get on, but they're too big for me at the waist & unfortunately ride down, thus losing all tummy holding tech) + they all have this strange drop crotch kind of thing going on, which makes you feel a bit weird. They also don't feel high-waisted enough for my liking, especially compared to a pair of 3/4 tights I have from Victoria's Secret, which truly hold me in. The drop crotch thing has lessened the more I wear both pairs (and I've worn the full length tights a lot), but I have to admit I probably wouldn't buy another pair of LJ tights for these reasons. Tees, tanks & bras, yes; tights, no.

French Connection Hayley Stretch Scoop Tee in Cornflower

French Connection Hayley Stretch Scoop Tee in Iceberg Marle

French Connection Hayley Stretch Scoop Tees: Cornflower (1st photo) & Iceberg Marle (2nd photo) (size XS)
I'd had my eye on these tees for some time & whenever there's been a sale I've been tempted to pick up a few. I wouldn't say that they're of great quality - I've had one or 2 of these before & inevitably I end up with yellowed armpits over time - but for some reason I still like them. I'm now after the fuchsia one as my tee wardrobe is rather basic in terms of colour palette (too much monochrome & blue). Apologies if either of my photos seem weird (especially the last one) - I used the Pro settings on my phone's camera & both these shots + the below shot came out with some strange grainy effect.

Target Basic 3/4 Sleep Pants in Grey Heart
Target Basic 3/4 Sleep Pants in Grey Heart (size 8-10)
A random birthday weekend pick-up, but welcomed nonetheless as most of my 3/4 sleep pants have seen better days. Not much to say other than they're cute.

ATTENTION SYDNEYSIDERS! One of my favourite shoe brands FRANKiE4 is holding a pop-up event in Sydney from Thursday-Sunday this week! If you've ever wanted to try on a pair of their shoes but haven't wanted to take the risk online, now's your chance to head along, try on a pair from their new Spring/Summer collection (along with some standard favourites), plus also check out an exclusive limited edition collaboration + some never-seen-before pieces. There's also a couple of events to look forward to, plus all orders made at the Concept Pop-Up will receive 20% off. For more details (including the location), visit their dedicated Pop-Up page on their website.

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Are you a September baby like me? If so, then happy birthday to you! Did YOU treat yourself to anything special during your birthday month?


  1. Wow, only 5 polishes???? :) Such great hauls xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

    1. Haha! There are times where I can exercise restraint you know. :oP

  2. I've still not bought myself some sort of hydrating mist, but I really want to try one!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. You should! They're especially great if you have dry or dehydrated skin. There's so many out there on the market that it's a case of finding one you like & one that suits your needs.


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