Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Well well well, look who's celebrating their 2nd bloggerversary today - little ol' me!

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In some ways, this sophomore year at TNL has been a bit like the so-called "terrible two's", in that it has felt more challenging than the first. I feel that I've taken more breaks this year (both intentional & un-intentional) than last year, as I struggled with motivation, writer's block, self-doubt, the comparison trap & other things. I've always felt a sense of guilt whenever I've stayed away & I've always apologised for it; but recently I've stopped caring so damn much about it as I've realised that no-one really cares that much about this space of mine, except me. I've also contemplated more recently the idea of slow blogging & have wondered whether that's an ideal route to take since my schedule has been a little all over the place in 2017. I'm still not entirely sold on the idea, but you never know. Watch this space.

On the flipside though, my 2nd year of blogging has seen some small rewards. I've started to get out there a bit more, commenting on more blogs & following those blogs as well. Watching some of those same bloggers return the favour & come over here to comment has been pretty cool, I must say. It's also been pretty cool watching my audience grow at times (is it lame that I still get a bit excited when I gain a follower?), even though I suspect several of my newer followers are/were just spambots & not actual people. That paranoia will never go away I'm afraid!

I've also had some companies & people approach me to either guest post on TNL or ask me to spruik their product this year; but as exciting as it is to be feted in some kind of way, I haven't accepted any of these offers as (a) I'm uncomfortable with letting others guest post on TNL if I don't know them & (b) if I'm not interested in a brand or a product, then I see no sense in featuring it just to gain exposure. I'd rather remain true to myself than sell out, let's put it that way.

I'm also pretty proud of myself for being more comfortable this year & letting you guys gain more of an insight into who I am. Whilst I think this may have come at a cost sometimes (e.g. I've worried about pissing people off with my #nofilter commentary), overall I feel it's paramount for bloggers to allow their personality & unique voice to shine through. There's been a lot of talk about people wanting/demanding authenticity these days & I'm happy to say that at The Novice Life, what you get is absolutely me.

Before I finish this post, I'd like to thank anyone & everyone who has passed comment on my posts over the last year or is lurking in the background reading (unless you're a bot, in which case f off). I know some of you don't always comment; but to know that you're reading my ramblings anyway is lovely, so muchas gracias mi amigas!

Where to from here? I don't really know, but I hope to continue plugging away regardless.

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  1. Darling lady, I wouldn't worry about your #nofilter. I think you're beautiful, fresh and elegant, and good on you for your progressive journey! Duck on!!!

    1. Thanks Ms Duck, I appreciate your compliments. :o)

  2. Happy 2nd birthday. Your blog has flourished so much over the last year, I would have guessed that you'd been blogging for much longer. I love that we've seen more of your personality and what makes you tick. I'm looking forward to many more years of reading your blog, Shell xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

    1. Thanks Indie. I feel I've become a bit more comfy in my blogger skin this year & that I hope will continue into next year (although still not entirely comfortable talking about it fully with people I know IRL & my other online friends). I don't want to become someone who gets scared to inject her personality into posts because I think that's where blogging loses its magic.

  3. Happy 2nd bloggy birthday, lovely! I can't believe how young your blog still is - I've been blogging for about six and a half years now, which is mad and I can't believe I've been committed to it for so long now! Blogging is such an awesome hobby though and I can't imagine what else I'd be doing with my free time!

    You're so right when you say that no one cares about your online space as much as you do. I think it's only natural to want to produce work to the best of our abilities, but being too close it means sometimes you only notice the flaws. That's really not how it's perceived to other people though and I think we're all doing a much better job than we give ourselves credit for!

    I decline most PR offers I receive from brands too. Very rarely are they fitted for my blog and it's even worse when companies based in the Northern Hemisphere contact me wanting me to produce seasonal content. It blatantly says in my bio that I'm in Australia! It's honestly so frustrating! I'm really just happy doing my own thing here and couldn't care less about free products. I think I already own enough too!

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    1. Thanks Tenneil! It's hard to believe I've been at it for just over 2 years, although if I'd had courage earlier then I would've been blogging for a bit longer than that. I hope I can last as long as you have because your blog is gorgeous!

      You're right re: being too close & only noticing the flaws. I try my best with photos & the like & I know they're not perfect, but sometimes you have to accept what you've got & make do with it. If people want to read, cool, if not then there's not much you can do about that.

      RE: PR offers - all of mine have come from the Northern Hemisphere & one of them was seasonally related. My bio also blatantly states that I'm from Australia, so you would think that people would realise that we're upside down from them right? I agree that it's frustrating & yes it would be nice to get some freebies, but at the end of the day that's not what I'm blogging for (and I suspect you feel the same way). I too am happy to do my own thing & I'd rather wait for the right opportunity to come along rather than sell out for something I'm not that into.


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