Friday, 24 November 2017

Wanderlust Travel Tag

Manhattan skyline, New York City
Manhattan skyline, New York City, 2014.
Hola mi amigas & happy Fri-yay!

I've decided to have a lazy blogger day today & do a tag post. I found this particular travel tag over at The Chronicles of Holly last month & figured it'd be a bit of fun to do.

1. Where have you travelled to that you would love to travel again?

London fo' sho'. I've been there twice & both visits were a whirlwind (especially my last visit), so I really want to go back & spend longer there + see more of the UK as well. I really want to go back to Berlin, see more of Italy, plus return to the Greek Islands (except next time I'd go to some other islands instead) & San Francisco. I'd also go back to Hawaii but I'd go to Maui or one of the other islands next time, not Oahu. Also wouldn't pass up the chance to go to Disneyland for a 3rd time because let's face it, you're never too old to be a kid again.

Big Ben, London, UK

2. You're leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?

The Maldives! As I mentioned in my travel bucket list, I've always wanted to go there but it is exxy AF & I'd like to get there before climate change ruins it for everyone.

3. Preferred method of travel: trains, planes or cars?

Living at the arse end of the world, we Aussies have to fly to get anywhere & everywhere. Hell, it's easier to fly within our own country than it is to travel by train. Since I can't drive, it's either planes or trains for me (although I wouldn't say that flying is ideal).

4. Favourite travel website?

I don't really have one tbh.

5. Where would you travel to just to eat the food?

That's a no brainer - Italy! Pizza, pasta, gelato....yum yum!

6. Is there a place you would never go again?

Ooh there's a few that spring to mind: Athens (it's a hole - sorry to any Greek readers, but it is only useful as a gateway to the Greek Islands), Amsterdam (people weren't all that friendly & I found the streets dirty tbh) & Montréal (désolé to any French-Canadians reading this, but I felt like I was in a time warp + I found the city pretty boring tbh).

View from Mont Royal, Montréal, Canada
View from Mont Royal Park, Montréal
7. Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked? 

I know the first 2 characters, that's it.

8. Do you prefer the window, aisle or middle seat?

I'm an aisle girl through & through. Being tall is a nightmare on planes, so if I can get an aisle exit seat, I'm happy. Failing that, just an aisle seat will do. I was stuck in the middle of 2 guys once in a non-exit row & wrestling for that armrest wasn't fun!

9. Favourite travel memory?

Oh gosh, there's so many! One of my best memories was the day trip I did on-board a "pirate ship" in Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas. The crew we had for our day trip to swim with sea turtles were great & up for a good time + swimming with sea turtles was wonderful. I'd also say that snorkelling at Palolo Deep Nature Reserve in Apia, Samoa was great as it was the first time I'd dared to go snorkelling in the deep + the day I had on the motu (island) in Raiatea in French Polynesia was memorable for all the great photos I captured of the gorgeous water. Not hard to see why I have a penchant for the aquatic lol.

A favourite non-aquatic travel memory I have is of going to Skyline in Rotorua, New Zealand & kinda conquering my fear of operating vehicles by daring to "luge" my way down several of the luge tracks. (I say "luge" in inverted commas as they are part go-cart, part toboggan.) Given that I initially chickened out due to my fear of crashing the damn thing (which I've done with a go-cart before...and almost done with a proper car too), the fact that I had an absolute ball & didn't crash left me feeling on top of the world.

Raiatea, French Polynesia
Raiatea, French Polynesia
10. What is your most ideal holiday?

One where I can relax, as well as see all the sights. I have to admit I've kind of inherited my mother's love of cruising, so I reckon that is a fairly ideal holiday for me because you only have to unpack once!

11. Show us your nicest holiday photo!

Oh gosh, I have so many that I can't narrow it done to just one; so I'm going to show you 3 of my faves:

Sunset view of the caldera, Mykonos, Greek Islands, Greece
Sunset view of the caldera from my hotel veranda in Mykonos, Greek Islands, 2005.
Flower from Flower Dome, Singapore's Gardens by the Bay
You might remember this one from my Singapore post, where I spoke about the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.
View from a motu, Raiatea, French Polynesia
A view from the aforementioned motu in Raiatea, French Polynesia, 2009.

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  1. I reeeally want to do the Greek Islands and the Maldives, they both look dreamy! I'm also an aisle seat lover! x

    1. I've luckily been to a couple of Greek Islands, but there's plenty more I'd like to see. The Maldives is VERY high on my bucket list & every travel post or article I read just makes me want to go even more!

  2. Shell, you definitely have to put Maui on your radar list. We had a week there and it is beautiful and so relaxing. Beaches there are much better than Waikiki also. More sand :-) If you go, I can tell you where to go to the best Luau on the island - they play every night and it is the best one.

    1. I've briefly been to Maui (well, Lahaina) on 2 cruises, but I'd love to get out & explore more of the island. I went to a Luau the first time I went to Hawaii & my experience of it wasn't great (nice location but the food was terrible), so I'm reluctant to go to another one.

  3. Loved reading this! I've always wanted to visit England, Italy and France. I have to taste pasta from Italy, like you say!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Yay, I'm glad you did! I've been to all 3 of those countries, but I can't say that I've really seen either of them in full (especially France & Italy). I had some pretty average pasta when I went to Rome tbh, but I think the place I went to just catered for the tourists really.


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