Monday, 15 January 2018

My Intentions for 2018

Hola mi amigas & happy Monday!

I know we're well into January now but being away has forced me to play catch up. I hope you guys aren't over all these "2018 goals" type posts & will stick around to read my own version. (Oh & in case you're wondering why I call them intentions & not goals, it's because the word "goals" freaks me out. Same goes for the word "resolutions".)

I'm keeping this list pretty simple this year because, unlike other years, I don't see the point in listing 5000 things when I know I probably won't achieve them. I think "keep it simple" will be my mantra for 2018.


*Continue pushing out of my beauty comfort zone. I'd like to start making use of my high cheekbones by buying & wearing highlighter this year (something I'm still a bit scared of tbh), as well as tackle coloured liners & eyeshadows that aren't some shade of neutral.

*Start clearing my beauty wishlist. Honestly, it's a mile long at present & I really don't need some of the shit that's on it. I've already started purging polishes from my wishlist as I don't need 3 or 4 bright blue holo polishes that all look alike; now I'd like to do the same with my other beauty wishlist categories.


*Acquire a pair of black flat ankle boots. Whilst I have a heeled pair (you can see them in the image above), a flat pair of black ankle boots is something I've yet to acquire & I'd like to change that in 2018 since I live in boots during the colder months. I'm also hoping the over-the-knee boot trend hangs around in 2018 because I've recently smashed another fashion misconception I had about them (i.e. my legs were too curvy to wear a pair).

*Also acquire a Winter dress. This one is a carry-over from the 2017 intentions list & gosh darn it, I WILL get me a pretty Winter dress (or 2...hopefully) this year, if only to break up the jeans-wearing-in-Winter monotony.


*Keep off the weight that I lost throughout Spring/Summer + strongly focus on my overall health & wellbeing. I mentioned in the 2017 Annual Happy List that I've lost close to 5 kgs since last September & whilst I'm feeling pretty damn good right now, I also know that keeping the weight off is going to be a difficult task come the colder months. I love me some comfort food & I know that my love of cooking & baking in Autumn/Winter could get in the way of any progress. Hopefully now that I have some full length tights I can get out there even on colder days for a walk or something. I'm aiming to exercise 2-3 times a week, whether it be a long walk or an at-home workout. I also want to strongly focus on my overall health & wellbeing as both took a hammering in 2017 & I have a few niggling health concerns I want to nip in the bud.

*Try something new. This one is always on my yearly intentions lists because it's the only intention I end up achieving. This year I'm aiming to try yoga, which I've been meaning to do for some time but have never got around to it.

*Limit my viewing/reading of negative media. It's so easy these days to get swept up in a negative mindset when it comes to the world & it really doesn't help that the media is more than keen to perpetuate this mindset; so this year I've decided to stop watching the nightly news (save for maybe The Project), reading news sites when I'm bored & getting sucked in by click-baity articles that have not a jot to do with their headline. This stuff does nothing for my anxiety levels, nor any beliefs I have about humanity. Gimme a good news story any day!

*Try to push past fear in general....because it stops me from living a life that I know I deserve & ought to have.


*Try & produce more beauty favourites posts. I can't promise anything since I use the same stuff month in month out (and these posts could potentially be very repetitive), but I will try & do my best on this front. I enjoyed putting the July 2017 Beauty Favourites post together, so it'd be fun to do them on a semi-regular basis.

*Play around with my posting schedule. In the last few months of 2017, I began to really contemplate the idea of "slow blogging" (something which 2 of my favourite bloggers really champion) & I know I hinted at it in my 2nd anniversary post, but with a new year & all I feel like it's time to put that idea into action. This, of course, will mean a change in posting schedule. I currently post (or aim to post) every Monday & Friday, but in 2018 my aim is to have no fixed schedule, so bear with me while I figure out a happy medium & what I feel works best for me. Never fear, all the monthly type posts I do (empties, The Shopping Cart, The Monthly Happy List, e.t.c.) will continue to be posted around the end or beginning of each month.

*Keep doing my thing. Because life is too short to do anything but. Expect more of my honest (sometimes bluntly honest) opinions & commentary on TNL in 2018.

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Have you set yourself any intentions for 2018? Feel free to share them in the comments below!


  1. Such a great list of intentions. I too don't like calling them resolutions because that guarantees I won't meet them but I tend to call them goals and have a plan in place to meet these goals to increase the likelihood of achieving them. I've still never met 100% of my goals!

    Please do blog about your flat black boots when you find them and buy them as these are on my wishlist of things to buy this winter too! Oh and I'd love a pretty winter dress too! I tend to get stuck in the jeans and skirt/top routine in winter.

    Happy New Year!

    1. I think I don't like calling them goals because it means I HAVE to put a plan in place to achieve them & even that freaks me out!

      I will definitely blog about my black flat ankle boots when I find & buy them, don't you worry! I rarely wear a skirt during winter & it's something I'd like to get back into this year, especially since they work well with knitwear.

  2. I definitely want to post more Favourites posts this year as well. And I think we are all sick of reading about all the bad news in the world, it can get so depressing. Good Luck with your intentions, I hope this year is a successful one for you!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. It sure can Di - that part of my intentions list is working well so far, I haven't read a news website since before I went away. I don't miss it at all! I hope 2018 is a successful one for me too...and for everyone.


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