Monday, 16 April 2018

The Lust List (Autumn 2018 Edition)

Hola mi amigas & happy Monday! Hope your weekends were great.

I haven't done one of these Lust List posts for a little while, but now that a new season is in swing, it's about time I did because my wishlist is pretty frickin' full atm!

In case you're new around these parts & haven't got a clue what these posts are, my Lust Lists are just that - wishlists full of stuff I'm lusting over at present. Think of them as a sister to The Shopping Cart posts I do monthly or bi-monthly.

This Autumn 2018 Lust List is 100% fashion-based as Australia heads into a new season of fashion & footwear; so if that's not what you come here for, feel free to move on.

So what am I lusting after atm you ask?

Images from Witchery, Forever New, Marcs, Sussan
A couple more pairs of jeans
As far as I'm concerned, one can never have enough denim options in their wardrobe & right now I'm lusting after the new 4D mid-rise skinny jeans from Just Jeans. If you've ever complained about skinny jeans not having enough stretch in them, give these a go. With an incredible 4% elastane, these should be stretchy enough to handle your precious curves. I have tried these on & can safely say that I really want to buy a pair before they disappear forever as my last pair of mid-wash jeans (also from Just Jeans) gave up the ghost recently & I'm all about that stretch when it comes to skinny jeans. UPDATE: Have purchased a pair of these, you will see them on TNL soon.

I'm also really into wet look jeans/jeggings at present; but having struggled to get either of my size 10 feet into a pair from Forever New (despite their claims of 6% elastane....pffft) + almost getting into a coated pair from Country Road (could get them on, but not done up), my hopes of finding a suitable pair are fading a little. I'm now pinning my hopes on the Madison Coated Jean from Witchery (pictured above) instead because at least they have a size 9, the size I normally take in jeans. Wish me luck.  UPDATE: Sadly I couldn't get myself into the Witchery jeans either, despite having high stretch properties. The search continues....

Another pair of sunglasses
I always like to have a back-up pair of sunnies in my accessories collection just in case my current pair breaks & given that I'm down to said back-up pair at present, it's high time I invested in another set. I'm also concerned that my current pair don't meet Australian/NZ UV protection requirements either - it's one thing to say that sunglasses will give you "100% UV protection" (as my current US-purchased pair claimed to do), but it's another to give you the category of protection. Anything less than a Category 3 & I'm out; because as we Antipodeans know, the sun is incredibly harsh here & given my history of skin cancer, I'd rather not get one on or in my retinas thank you very much.

I've been looking around in various shops & department stores for several months trying to find a pair that not only wrap around my face well, but a pair that doesn't hurt my very narrow nose bridge + a pair that aren't going to cost me an arm & a leg, but thus far it's been a difficult exercise. I'm willing to admit that I am very fussy when it comes to sunglasses, but when you're on a limited budget, so are your choices. I'm not giving up hope though.

A rose gold watch
When it comes to accessorising, I'm a matchy-matchy basic bitch. I own silver & gold-looking watches, but rose gold is the one metallic that has been elusive thus far. Like sunglasses, I'm also fussy when it comes to watches. I like watches where I can see all the minutes (therefore I don't have to guess what time it is if someone asks me the time) but don't want a digital watch, plus having skinny wrists means I need one that's going to stay on properly. As with the sunnies, my budget (and therefore my choices) are limited, but I'm also not giving up hope of finding my perfect match here either.

A stack of FRANKiE4 shoes
As with every change of the season, one of my favourite Australian shoe companies FRANKiE4 slays me with their new seasonal collection & I end up wanting all the shoes. This time around my eyes are firmly on the new JACKiE sneaker (I'll take her in either blush or white, but my heart is firmly settled on the silver), the new BRiDGET heeled ankle boot in Metallic (she's a pointed-toe update on GEMMA from last year, which you might recall me purchasing - you can see her in my Fashion Faves of 2017 post), the new MiA flat-ish ankle boot in Gunmetal or Black & a couple of old favourites - the IZZY ankle boot in Gunmetal (still lusting after her - she's also available in new colours this year) + the SALLi flat-ish ankle boot in the new Taupe colour.

A grey coat 
I've wanted a grey coat since last winter since grey is a colour I tend to wear a lot of. Given that both of my winter coats are colourful, I wanted a neutral/monochromatic coat for those dreary winter days where I feel like wearing a pop of colour underneath but don't want to overwhelm people's eyes (or my own eyes for that matter) with too much colour. As soon as I saw the Dale Soft Grey coat from Forever New (pictured above), it was đź’™ at first sight & trying it on only confirmed my love/lust for it. I adore its fit-and-flare style, plus I like the button structure on it. I will note that if you're a bit bigger in the arms, you might want to size up as it's not a stretchy coat. I normally take a size 8 with anything up top, but I'll have to size up with this coat as it felt too tight in the arms. I'm hoping that a size 10 won't look too big on me though. UPDATE: Have also purchased this too & I love it! You'll also see this on TNL soon.

Some more knitwear
One of the things I love the most about going into autumn/winter is the chance to bust out my knitwear, as well as potentially purchase some more. After successfully adding knitwear to my wardrobe last year, this year I'm keen to get a few more shorter knits as they keep me nice & warm without adding too much bulk. Right now I have my eyes firmly on the Chloe Long Sleeve Fine Knit Jumper in Cobalt from Marcs (pictured above - it's not real thick in texture thanks to the cotton/silk/cashmere blend, but it feels oh so luxe to the touch + you guys know I love my blues!), the Contrast Button Knit in White/Black from Portmans (because I'm both a stripes addict & a Portmans addict) & another Portmans knit, this time the Tri-Dot Knit in Jewelberry (because I'm a bit obsessed with plum & berry colours right now). UPDATE: Whilst I haven't bought the Marcs knit (and don't plan to now), I have purchased all the Portmans knits. You'll see them on TNL soon.

Another shirt
I'm also really into shirts atm for some reason, possibly because I just purchased one from Forever New & it's re-sparked my interest in them. I'm currently lusting after a navy longline shirt from Sussan (pictured above) & I really like the way that it has been styled in all 3 photos with the models, but my personal favourite is the first model photo as that's how I see myself wearing this shirt.

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What fashion bits & pieces are YOU lusting over atm?


  1. I got a Skagen rose gold watch years ago before it became a thing. I also have ridiculously skinny wrists and I'm dyscalculaic so I need all the numbers on it. It has a stretch metallic band and fits perfectly! I don't know if they still do the same model but check them out for petite rose gold options.

    1. I'll definitely keep them in mind Beth! I'm beginning to think that stretch bands work better for my skinny wrists than clasp bands. At least they don't slide up & down my arms!


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