Monday, 23 April 2018

What To Pack For A 7-Day Trip

As of later this week, I'm heading off on a girls trip with my Mum down to Melbourne. Although we've both stopped in at Melbourne several times on different cruise ships in the past few years, its been over 10 years since either of us have had an extended stay in the city & we're both looking forward to it.

Just like every trip I've undertaken within the last 12-18 months, this sojourn also calls for a capsule wardrobe. If you don't have the foggiest idea of what that entails, here's a couple of posts that might help you out - or you can read my own post on the subject.

If you can't be bothered reading any of those posts, here's a refresher on what "rules" you ought to implement with your own travel wardrobes:

Stick to a neutral palette. It takes the hassle out of deciding what goes with what. That said...

Add an accent colour & some prints. If you're like me & get bored of monochromatic dressing, then adding a pop of colour + some prints helps break the fashion monotony. When it comes to prints & an accent colour, choose whichever ones you like/have the most in your wardrobe & stick to it.

Make sure your items pair well together. I've enforced a packing rule whereby if one of my casual items (e.g a skirt) doesn't work with at least 2 or 3 other casual items (e.g. tops), then it doesn't go in the case. Being strict like this will ensure you get maximum wear out of everything you pack.

Take into account the weather conditions of your destination/s, as well as what type of clothing you'll be wearing the most. Since Melbourne is like this famous Crowded House song, I'm bringing an umbrella & I've also remembered to pack some layers since I know it's chillier than Sydney at this time of year. I'll be relishing the chill though as Sydney hasn't exactly hit autumn yet & I'm dying to bring out all my knitwear again.

Also take into account luggage restrictions. This isn't too much of a problem for us as we're flying with Qantas down to Melbs (their checked baggage limit is 23kg as opposed to Jetstar, who charge for checked baggage & have a limit of only 20kg), but if you're flying with another carrier make note of their limits & stick to them. I've tried not to pack too much as I'll be doing some shopping down there (Melbourne is the shopping capital of Australia after all) & need all the space I can get in my suitcase.

As far as underwear goes, best to pack your black and/or flesh-coloured smalls. Practicality wins the day here.

So with these tips firmly in mind, here's what I've packed for this week-long sojourn:

2 short knits (old, from Portmans)
1 tee (old, from Marcs)
1 tunic (old, also from Portmans)
2 pairs of jeans (both old, black pair from Guess, blue pair from Mavi)
1 leather jacket (old)
1 pair of boots (old, from FRANKiE4, similar)
1 pair of sneakers/walking shoes (old, also from FRANKiE4, similar)
1 crossbody bag + a clutch (both old - I'm also taking a tote bag as my carry-on, not pictured)
2 scarves (old)
1 beret (old)
1 hat (old)

I'll also mention that I've added a few layering pieces into my luggage to go underneath my knits & tunic, but I didn't bother photographing them. 

Overall, I think this could be my most successful travel capsule wardrobe to date. Whether I get full use out of everything is another matter (I could probably do without the extra pair of jeans + the tee), but I feel like I have options for both day and night-time wear....and if I don't, it can always be purchased. 😉

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Have you ever attempted a capsule wardrobe for travel? Did it work well for you?


  1. I am the worst at packing. Since I'm a "see how I feel on the day" type dresser, not having full access to everything I own aggrieves me and I usually panic pack then hate everything I've brought.

    1. Oh no! I think I've learnt to capsule wardrobe whilst travelling out of necessity + being the ultra organised type that I am, I like to figure out what to bring well in advance. It can be difficult, but having the knowledge that I'll be shopping for extra pieces while I'm away eases the pain a bit.

  2. I wish I was organised enough to do this! Your travel capsule pieces look really good together. Hope you have a lovely time in Melbs with your Mum :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Thanks Di! I guess I'm ultra organised (typical Virgo here!) & like to have things planned out well in advance, so I know what I ought to bring etc. If I don't have it with me, it can always be purchased.

  3. Very good tips Shells. Ill have to remember to refer to this when I go away next. Enjoy your holiday with your mum. How lovely!.Freaky :)

    1. Thanks Jen! Packing a capsule wardrobe does take the hassle out of figuring out what to wear & it also allows room in your suitcase for purchases. Hope you remember this post too!

  4. Hope you have a great time away with your mum! I love Melbourne, one of my best friends lives there so I've visited her quite a few times and have always really enjoyed myself. I totally agree about only packing things that go together - I tend to always pack 1-2 plain bottoms, a few different colours tops for each day and then plain outerwear and accessories like a scarf so that I know everything goes with everything. If it's a short enough trip like just a weekend away I might even plan out my actual outfits so I know I'm not bringing along anything unnecessary.

    1. I certainly did! I totally love Melbourne & have come back with an even greater appreciation for the city. It beats Sydney in so many ways, although I'll gladly take Sydney's winter weather any day over Melbourne's lol. Glad to know you pack in a similar way too!


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