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March & April Beauty Favourites

Hola mi amigas & happy Monday!

It's been a hot minute since I did one of these posts (who am I kidding, I've only produced this kind of post once); but seeing as I use the same stuff all the time, it's not worth producing these posts monthly as I'm sure you and I will both get bored. That said I have intended to produce more of these posts this year, so it's about time I got onto it hey?

Without further ado, here were my favourite beauty products for March & April:


O&M Know Knott Conditioning Detangler
So happy to have this back in my life again, having used (and reviewed) the mini version previously. Unlike my previous detangler from fellow Aussie haircare brand bhave, the Know Knott detangler from O&M actually detangles my hair quickly & doesn't leave it feeling weighed down, which is a bonus when you have fine-and-lots-of-it hair like I do. I also adore its tangy, fruity scent. My only wish is I'd kept the mini bottle so I could decant product into it for travel!

Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm
I was wearing makeup a little more regularly last month & it never ceased to amaze me just how nourished my skin feels after I do a first cleanse with this stuff. I also used it as my night-time cleanser for a week or so since I broke yet another bottle of my staple Trilogy cleanser on my bathroom floor (damn the 200mL size for being made of glass!) & again it did its job. Regulars around here know how much I adore this stuff, so I haven't got a lot more to say about this stuff other than I love it.

Essano Rosehip Clarifying Clay Masque
I've only used this twice since receiving it at beautyheaven's Glosscars Marketplace back in March, but I'm enjoying it so far. It seems well-balanced - it definitely behaves like a clay mask should & it helps to clarify my skin (I'm prone to blemishes on & around my neck & this mask helped reduce their appearance significantly methinks), but when you remove it your skin is left feeling nourished thanks to the shea butter component. This also contains a small amount of lactic acid, which should help to exfoliate your skin. Whilst I can't comment on that component, I have noticed my skin is a bit smoother upon removal. This mask has already blows the 2 that I'd been previously using out of the water (more on that in an upcoming post).

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
Once my beloved Aspect Extreme B serum run out, I kinda wasn't looking forward to using this as I didn't think it would be as good. In fact, for about the first week or 2 I was hating on this product, not gonna lie (I think it was partly due to the luxury factor, or the lack of it). However, after a month or so of use, I really began to see some results: for example, I have a burst blood vessel on the left side of my nose, which tends to look rather red & somewhat enlarged. After using this for about a month, I noticed that this serum has reduced its appearance by at least 50%, which is pretty significant if you ask me. Not even my Aspect serum could manage that! I haven't changed anything else in my skincare regimen, so I can only put this down to my use of this particular serum & the zinc component.

If you're someone who's suffering from redness, then I highly recommend picking up a bottle of this stuff since it has worked for me; however, I'm not sure if I'll re-purchase once I'm finished since I'm a bit uncomfortable supporting a company whose CEO has gone postal of late. I'm not going to delve into that drama here, Google it & find out for yourself.


bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel in Opal 01
As I mentioned in the last section, I wore makeup a little more regularly during April & this for me was (and still is) my go-to day-time base. Sure, it's quite hydrating & dewy (not entirely great on the warm days Sydney has been having, especially when paired with a reasonably hydrating sunscreen), but I enjoy the coverage it gives me & how buildable it is. I'd describe said coverage as light, but can be built up to medium if need be. You'll still need to apply concealer to problem areas though as this stuff won't completely mask it, but if you're after something that could even you out, then I'd try it out. It does contain SPF30, but I'd say the SPF factor in my tube has worn off now as I've had this tube for about 18 months (I always wear sunscreen underneath anyway, so it doesn't matter). I have been meaning to review this stuff for ages of these days I'll get onto it I swear!

Kester Black polishes: Sorbet (berry pink) & Terrarium (bright turquoise)
I wore both these shades during March & hot damn they pop your nails! I like both colours, but Terrarium does hold a special place in my heart (obvs, I love me some aquatic shades). Both of these shades apply well & all Kester Black polishes are water permeable & 10-free, if that's your kind of bag. I do have swatches, but I don't want to reveal them just yet as I'm slowly (but surely) working on a swatch post featuring Kester Black polishes. Hopefully neither of these will be discontinued by the time I get around to posting it, sometime in the next millenium haha....

Nutri-Synergy Cuticle & Nail Repair
Firstly, holy smokes people, this stuff is the bomb for your nails! I got this at beautyheaven's 10th birthday last year courtesy of the folks behind Plunketts (this is one of their brands) & had only used it once or twice before finishing a cuticle oil earlier this year. I was going to buy another cuticle oil from a different brand but decided to give this a whirl since I had it already in my stash. I'm so glad I held onto it because I swear this stuff has helped my nails not only grow long but stay strong, which is something I struggle with from time to time. I'm prone to breakages & splits in my nails once they get longer (especially if I've been washing my hands a lot), as well as hangnails & dry skin around my nails, and I swear that regular use of this stuff has improved those situations. It's full of nail goodies like keratin, Vitamin B5, aloe vera & Vitamin E + it smells slightly like roses, which is pleasant. It's a fairly rich cream, so you only need the tiniest amount per nail; but I admit I can overdose on it at times as it's just so damn nourishing. It's also affordable too, at $9.95AUD per tube; so if you see it, get it!

Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm Coconutter
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so happy I can use Lanolips again! Whilst I haven't dared to try the original 101 Ointment again, I haven't felt the need to with this coconut oil-infused version & the 2 back-up tubes I have of this stuff. I adore anything coconut scented, so it's little wonder that I've fallen hook, line & sinker for this stuff. It makes my lips feel soft & nourished & I'm finding that I don't have to apply lip balm as often as I have with Carmex. This particular Lanolips variant is only sold in David Jones, but I'm seriously hoping Lanolips will make this & the Coconutter Intense Hand Cream permanent because I love both of them.

Barry M Super Satin Slick Lip Paint in Nuditude
You might remember me claiming this as one of my best beauty discoveries of 2017, but I'd forgotten all about it until last month when I pulled it out to wear one day....and then I remember why I love it. The cool nude-pink colour of Nuditude suits my skin tone & its satin formula makes it quite comfortable to wear. The only problem is I crushed the lid on it ages ago so now it's exposed to the elements, which might mean I won't get as much use of it as I'd like to. It's fine atm though.

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What have been your favourite beauty products of late? Got any recommendations for me?


  1. I use the Aspect Dr B and C serums and love it because they smell like cake batter.

    1. Never really thought either of them smelt like cake batter tbh - more like fresh citrus trees. I guess everybody has their different take.

  2. I really must check out the Pixi Cleansing balm. Im using one from Natio at the moment and finding thats lovely for my sensitive skin. Im planning on heading overseas later in the year and will be travelling around for 8weeks so I am looking for products that are easy to pack and not in glass. Cleansing balm is much safer then a cleansing oil....imagine getting that all through your suitcase....eck

    1. Definitely check it out. I've found it's good for my own sensitive skin....and yep, certainly safer than packing a cleansing oil!

  3. Hi Shells. Hope you had a lovely holiday! I love the Essano mask! Im gunna try The Ordinary serum out too. Great results! 50% is awesome! I've got some pigmentation Id like to try it out on. Thanks for your reviews! :) Freaky

    1. Hi Jen, I did - you'll hear all about it soon. I'm not sure how well The Ordinary serum will work on pigmentation (I haven't noticed any difference in the pigmentation I have, other than keeping a pesky spot at bay), but if it works as well for you as it has for me, then great!

  4. The Essano clay mask sounds promising. Can you use the Know Knott on wet or dry hair?

    1. The Know Knott can be used on both wet & dry hair. I use it mostly on wet hair post-shower, but I have used it on dry hair to get rid of knots & its still worked. It's a godsend after a windy day!

  5. I really want to try The Ordinary Niacinamide product. Had no idea about the CEO going postal!? Googling now. :D

    1. I'd advise your Googling session should be handled with caution, you may not want to buy anything from The Ordinary after you read about Brandon (CEO) & his bizarre behaviour!


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