Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Melbourne Haul Part 2: Fashion

Hola mi amigas & happy Tuesday! Hope your week has got off to a good start.

Today I'm finally posting the 2nd part of my Melbourne haul, which is all about fashion. If you missed the first part with all my beauty & miscellaneous goodies, then you can see/read about it here.

Let's get into it:

Forever New Dale Coat in Soft Grey (size 10)
I mentioned that I wanted a grey coat (or more specifically, this coat) in my last Lust List & YASSSSSSSSSSS people I now have it. I adore the fit-and-flare design plus I feel pretty damn warm in it, despite it not being made of wool. The only crap thing is the pockets are faux pockets, boo. (I think they have lining in them, so I might be able to turn them into proper pockets with a few snips here & there. UPDATE: I can now confirm that the pockets, are in fact, real. I snipped the threads open last weekend & voila, POCKETS YAAAAAY!) Now I want to add their black Riva Funnel Neck Coat to my wardrobe as I've tried that on & really like it.

Portmans Contrast Button Knits in Black/White & Festival Fuchsia + Tri-Dot Knit in Jewelberry (all size XS - Jewelberry sold out, available in other colours)
Remember how I also mentioned in the last Lust List that I was after a bit more knitwear? Well, I certainly bought some baby! I like the button detail on the Contrast Button Knits (although you might not be able to see them fully in the photos above) & that fuchsia shade....I don't have anything quite like it in my wardrobe. It's a gorgeous colour, as is the Jewelberry knit, which I literally had to go to several stores to find. I've already worn all 3 at least once & can see myself wearing all of them a lot more over the next few months. My only gripe about each is that they have a tendency to ride up a bit & neither of them are as long in body as my other knits from Portmans.

Just Jeans 4D Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Ink (size 9, worn with black & white knit above, sold out online)
Yasssssssssss I have a new pair of mid-dark jeans! I also mentioned these in the last Lust List & I'm so happy I've got my hot little hands on a pair. I probs should've taken Just Jeans up on their buy 1 get the 2nd half price deal & got me another pair of these, but I figured that could've been wasteful consumerism & really, I didn't need another pair in the same colour, nor did I need another pair of black jeans. That being said now that I have worn them, I've changed my mind & might go & grab another pair as they feel very comfortable to wear & almost like a second skin. Next time I might see if I can squeeze into a size 8 as I've found they ride down at the back.

Forever New Philippa Hoop Earrings in Gold + Silver (not pictured)
After buying a pair of these in rose gold last year (albeit under a slightly different name), I kept thinking that I ought to add another pair in silver at the very least....and whaddya know, I now have both silver and gold in my jewellery collection. I like the simplistic design of these, and at least I know the clasp won't come away from the pin, unlike another pair of silver hoops I own. I really wish I could've photographed these better for you guys, but I wasn't happy with any of the photos I took of them. That said I am wearing both pairs in a couple of the knitwear shots above, so you can sort of see them.

FRANKiE4 ELLiE sneakers in Black (size 11)
Whilst down in Melbourne, I found a FRANKiE4 stockist & whilst I couldn't get the shoes I went in for (JACKiE Silver), I came out with a pair of black ELLiE's instead after trying them on & realising they weren't half as bad as I'd initially thought they were.....and because they were also on sale & under $200. Yes, mama loves a bargain! I also bought these because I miss having black sneakers around & my gold JENNi's will eventually have to be repaired (they're coming apart a little around my toes). I probably could've waited as FRANKiE4 had a pop-up sale in Sydney recently, but I guess when you're in Rome....anyway, all I'll say about these is they're a bit more snug as opposed to my JENNi's & I'm still trying to wear them in. I've had issues with them rubbing and/or digging into my heels (particularly my left heel) + getting blisters, but I suppose that's par for the course right?

Supersoft by Diana Ferrari Pamala Knee High Boot in Black (size 10)
I really didn't need another pair of knee-high/riding boots as my current/long-time DF knee-high/ridng boots are still going strong, but I bought these anyway in case mine decided to give up the ghost during winter and because I felt guilty for making the poor lady at Rosenbergs of Windsor get me so many pairs of shoes to try on. I was tossing up between these or spending another $20 & getting the gunmetal IZZY boots from FRANKiE4 (which were also sold there), but I knew somehow these would get a lot more wear than the IZZY's. Ladies like me who are blessed with generosity in the calf region, take note: when DF say that these are a generous fit, you better believe they are. These, surprisingly, are a tad too big in the calf for me, but nevertheless they fit well elsewhere. I'm really wishing now that I'd held out & bought the grey option instead, but the store didn't have them sadly & I guess you could say I was feeling some internal pressure. I might take some time to think & maybe nab the grey if/when they're on sale.

Sportsgirl Textured Tee in White/Black (size XXS, not pictured)
Despite swearing off buying more tees, the realisation that I was coming home to warmer-than-average weather & that the only tee I'd brought with me was starting to get a bit dirty as well as boring saw me walk into Sportsgirl at Highpoint on a whim, try this on & walk out with it. I don't really understand where the textured part comes into it as this tee feels like just about every other tee to me; but I like its relaxed fit & of course, stripes, duh!

Marcs Metallic V Tee in Jade (size XS)
I actually bought this tee before the Sportsgirl tee & probably would've been happy just to take this one back with me as I'd had my eye on it on & off for a while. Believe it or not, I don't have this particular shade of green in my wardrobe, and I like the lurex/metallic thread running through it which, of course, you can't see in the photo above. The only problem I have with Marcs tees is they all like to ride up with wear, which is quite annoying. My Puppy Love tee that you would've seen in my post about wide leg pants does this too, but that tee is on the short side for my torso though.

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Have you ever bought an item of clothing or a pair of shoes that you really didn't need, but wanted "just in case"?


  1. Honestly, fake pockets are the WORST and should be illegal. Especially in a winter coat! Gah! It is cute though. I'm still hanging on to my Forever New coat from quite a few seasons ago even though I don't wear it very often. And of course I have bought many a thing "just in case"

    1. Fully agree! DEATH TO FAKE POCKETS! I know, the coat is very cute. I'm hoping the buttons on this one will hold up better than the ones on my red Forever New coat that I've had for ages. At least once every winter I've had to re-stitch buttons back onto that particular coat, which gets very annoying after a while.

  2. Love the bright pink top! The coat is fab. Are there pockets but just stitched closed? Why they do that I don’t know. Extremely frustrating.

    1. I think they've just been stitched closed, or at least they appear to have been stitched closed. I can feel lining in the pockets, so I'm kind of presuming that they're real pockets made to look like fake ones. It's rather annoying when clothing companies do that.

  3. Oh man, I miss the shopping in Melbourne so much! I never took it for granted while I lived there and the shopping in Perth is so grim in comparison. Perhaps that's a good thing though because I now spend less money, haha. I miss Sephora and Muji the most, but hopefully they come to Perth one of these days. Oh, and I miss Topshop too! I know they closed most of their Australian stores, but I'm jealous Melbourne and Sydney still have shops open!

    You've bought some beautiful clothes here; I'm especially loving the Forever New coat and all the long sleeved tops! Don't even get me started on the faux pockets thing too. The grey coat I own from Myer actually has faux pockets in it too and it makes absolutely NO sense. I mean, fair enough if it's extra material and labour they don't want to pay for, but when the lining is already there, why the hell would you stitch it up?! It must be men running these companies because they're completely out of touch with what women want in their clothing.

    Now that I'm working again and have money coming in, I can't wait to update my winter wardrobe. I don't need anymore coats because they aren't overly necessary in Perth, but I desperately need long sleeved tops, some knitted jumpers and new jeans! As for buying things "just in case", I haven't done this in a long time! I try to be quite practical and think things through with my purchases nowadays, but it can be a totally different mindset when you're travelling and you don't want the fear of missing out!

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    1. I miss the shopping in Melbourne too & I've never lived there! Granted, Sydney does have shops & a lot of major overseas retailers opened up stores in Sydney before the rest of the country, but overall I still reckon Melbourne wins on that front hands down. It's just so much more interesting down there, with all the laneways & arcades etc. I find Sydney really boring nowadays.

      Glad you like my fashion loot! Yay for another faux pockets hater! You're right, it must be men running these companies - don't they realise we all want pockets with our clothing? Why sew it up when there's lining there?

      I went & updated my winter wardrobe for the most part last year; now it's more a case of getting some more colours into my winter wardrobe, finding a winter dress (still on the hunt for that) & a pair of black ankle boots. After that I'm pretty much set...except I also would like a baker boy hat & a black coat haha. I too try to be practical when it comes to my purchases (especially if they are on the expensive side), but occasionally I have moments where logic doesn't factor into the equation.

  4. Such a lovely look and loving all your picks too - they're all beautiful! It's posts like this which make me want to go shopping.... haha!

    Layla x


    1. Thanks Layla! Posts like this can be dangerous for your wallet though.


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